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Our Humble Initiative to Help Fast-track a Non-Trivial Quantum Advantage within 10 years!

Dear friends,

As many of you know, last year Google announced it had achieved the milestone using their ‘Sycamore’ machine — which IBM immediately challenged by releasing a statement stating that the quantum advantage threshold has not yet been crossed! In a paper posted online, IBM provided arguments that the world’s most powerful supercomputer can nearly keep pace with Google’s new quantum machine. As a result, IBM argued that Google’s claim should be received “with a large dose of skepticism.”

The consortium of individual quantum researchers collaborating with us were unanimously skeptical and leaning towards IBM’s line of argument. Moreover, we sent out a survey to senior quantum academic researchers and open-source quantum engineers around Europe & the US that are not affiliated with either tech giants. The majority view was that Google did not achieve a quantum advantage, however, a large number agreed that Google’s milestone was still an important one in the field. A consensus among our survey takers seem to be that quantum a advantage will most likely be achieved within the next decade.

Hello Zaiku Microsystems

Zaiku Microsystems is our multi-disciplinary endeavor trying to assemble a group of heterodox technical individuals united by a common goal of advancing human progress though quantum advantage.

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